Multi Action

Remove blackheads, hair in ears, nose and face with a single product…

Multi Action, is specially designed to get rid of blackheads and unwanted hair on your face.

- Practical, disposable, hygienic!

- Suitable for woman and man use

- Liposoluble wax for hair and blackhead removal

- Efficient hair removal in 4 areas

- Cleans blackheads in T area

- Can be used without strips for the hair around lips and facial hair

- Cleans the inner ear and inner nose hair with specially designed spatula

- It freezes when applied to the skin and enables to remove the hair without strips.

- It doesn't contain colophon resin, paraben, mineral oils and sugar.

- 1 Bottle of Liposoluble Wax 80 ml

- 4 Lip Protecting Mustache Etiquettes

- 6 Remove After Wax Cleaning Wipes

- 6 (3 Applicators with different tips) Spatulas

- 1 User Instructions