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Retouch Pen
Facial Liposoluble Wax

The new and easy way of shaping your eyebrows and get rid of facial hair!

blank Thick and Dense Hair
blank Normal Hair
blankSensitive Skin

Specially designed for efficient use on eyebrow and lip area, Retouch Pen Facial Liposoluble Wax Pen, enables extremely easy shaping for eyebrow.

It is an innovative product produced from real beeswax and equipped with features enabling you to use wherever you like and experience the practical, fast and easy waxing.

You can carry Retouch Pen Facial Liposoluble Wax Pen anywhere you go and get rid of facial hair in a few minutes by applying it easily.

Retouch Pen is a patented product and all rights are reserved.


  • 100% Liposoluble Wax
  • Formula needs no heating
  • Ergonomic applicator
  • Precise dosage adjustment by twisting
  • Minimum 20 dosages of application
  • Precise perfect curves with smart applicator
  • It is produced of real beeswax.
  • It doesn't contain rosin resin, paraben, mineral oils and sugar.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • 1 Facial Wax Pen 4 ml
  • 2 Remove After Wax Cleaning Wipes
  • 20 Waxing Papers
  • 1 User Instructions

Tips :

* If you are not experienced in shaping your eyebrows, we do not recommend you to use for shaping your eyebrows. We recommend you to use this product for the hair on contours around eyebrows previously shaped..

* Hair should be at least 1,5 mm long to be removed.

* The area of application should certainly be dry and clean before use.

*  During application, ensure that you spread the wax in the direction of hair growth and remove the hair in the opposite direction of hair growth.

*  Clean the parts where wax outflowed with Remove After Wax Cleaning Wipe during application.

Before application:

Make up residue or moisture on your skin will hinder correct application. Thus, before application, ensure that the area that you will apply is clean and dry. 

Retouch Pen Preparation:

blank Take the product in room temperature, slowly turn the mechanism under the pen until enough amount of wax comes out of pen. (Image-1) 

If you haven't used wax to shape your eyebrows before, we recommend you to use to save the previously given shape.

Application :

blank Apply the Retouch Pen on the area which is out of the shape you would like to keep for your eyebrows, in the direction of hair growth as shown in Image - 2. Apply in the direction of hair growth both for your lip and face area.
blank Firmly strict the waxing papers on the waxing areas in the direction of hair growth as shown in Image-3.
blank Taut your skin with one hand and pull the waxing paper on the opposite direction of hair growth as shown in Image - 4.
blank In this application, ensure that you pull the waxing paper in one and fast move and parallel to your skin as shown in Image - 5.

Use Remove After Wax Cleaning Wipes to clean the wax residues on your skin or you can clean the area with a baby oil you drop on a piece of cotton.

  • T area
  • Face
  • Around lips

* It can be used in all face and under chin area.

* Do not use in sensitive eye area.

  • Always read user instructions before using the product.
  • The product is used externally.
  • Do not heat the product in microwave oven or in any kind of heater.
  • Diabetics, elderly and retinoid patients can't use wax.
  • If you are undergoing dermabrasion, laser and peeling treatment, do not use the product.
  • Do not use the products on areas with varicose, moles, irritations, sun burns, wounds and a similar skin disease or if your skin showed reaction to liposoluble wax previously.
  • Do not use the wax and cleaning wipes on your eyes, nipples, perianal and genital areas.
  • Test on a small part of your body before using the wax and cleaning wipes. You can continue to use the product if your skin doesn't show reaction within 24 hours.
  • Do not use the product after shower or after you washed your hand. Wait for at least 15 minutes until the dampness disappear and the skin becomes dry.
  • Wait at least for 24 hours, before using a lotion or any kind of cosmetic product on the waxed area.
  • Keep the product in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children.


© REMOVE is a TredA brand. 2016⎪www.tredafmcg.com